Wednesday, August 11, 2021

🔊🔊 Get Your Matching Grant up to RM 5,000 thru AutoCount ( For Autocount new purchase, upgrading from version 1.9 to Version 2.0)

Get Your Matching Grant up to RM 5,000 thru AutoCount (certified Technology Solution Provider endorsed by MDEC)

 🔊 For the Autocount new purchase or exiting Autocount user upgrading from Version 1.9 to Version 2.0❗❗

AutoCount is a certified Technology Solution Provider (TSP) under the Malaysian Government's Business Digitalisation Matching Grant initiative for SMEs.

The 50% Matching grant of up to RM 5,000 is now available for eligible Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. It is limited to the first 100,000 SMEs applications only. This digitalisation initiative under Malaysia Budget 2020 is to encourage SMEs to adopt and utilize digital applications in their business operations.

Leverage on this matching grant to scale your business software and maximize efficiencies. You can now own a set of high-quality and stable software from AutoCount at an affordable cost!

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Why Do I Need Antivirus Software?



Why Do I Need Antivirus Software?

These antivirus tools are critical for users to have installed and up-to-date because a computer without antivirus software protection will be infected within minutes of connecting to the internet. The bombardment is constant, which means antivirus companies have to update their detection tools regularly to deal with the more than 60,000 new pieces of malware created daily.

Friday, August 6, 2021

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Autocount AR Deposit


Autocount Cloud Accounting (Free usage until 31/08/2021)


Accessibility Becomes Limitless, So Does Your Business

As long as internet is accessible, AutoCount Cloud Accounting is always there to perform her duties as you wish. What you need is just a device, either a PC, mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.


MSME Digital Grant MADANI - 1st April 2024

1st April 2024 Enquiry Email : Contact No : 012-260 1655   Are You Eligible? Malaysian-Owned: MSMEs/Cooperatives must...