Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Cloud Payroll Billing Video Guides:

Ep1. How to Create Subscription for Premium plan?

Ep2. How to Create Subscription for Accountant plan?

Ep3. Existing User from Monthly (Post-paid) Change to Pre-paid

Ep4. How to Make Payment If Subscription Expired?

Ep5. How to Make Payment Within Free Trial Period?

Ep6. How to Change Billing Day?

Ep7. How to Increase or Decrease Headcounts?

Ep8. How to Void Cancel the Pending Payment?

Ep9. Limit Access If Subscription Expired Without Pay.

MSME Digital Grant MADANI - 1st April 2024

1st April 2024 Enquiry Email : Contact No : 012-260 1655   Are You Eligible? Malaysian-Owned: MSMEs/Cooperatives must...