Wednesday, July 22, 2015

AutoCount Accounting Version Release Note ( LATEST VERSION 1.8.15 )

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This version of AutoCount Accounting is a maintenance release for version 1.8. Some of the improvements implemented in this version are:
  1. Tax Transaction Change Management.
  2. Added Tax Code and Transaction ID fields in Ledger Report.
  3. New fields in Sales, Purchase, ARAP and GL.
  4. GST Detail in Cash Book and Journal Entry.
  5. Lampiran 2 export to excel function.
  6. Enhancement to Bank Reconciliation.
  7. Enhancement on the GST Setting window.

Improvements Introduced

Tax Transaction Change Management

A major improvement is implemented in this version of AutoCount Accounting. Previously, when the GST Processor has processed the GST Return for a period, the period lock mechanism is employed to lock the related documents to prevent from accidental modification that may cause issues with the correctness of the document. As such if the user is required to modify some parts of a document that is locked, they are required to manage the period lock exception. While this in itself is easy to apply, an issue may arise in that with the period lock exception being open, any other modification could occur on other documents, and these changes might be accidental. To prevent such issue from ever occurring as well as giving users more flexibility, a new mechanism is now implemented to help with this situation.
This mechanism is known as the Tax Transaction Change Management. The Tax Transaction Change Management works as a safeguard mechanism to protect the tax transaction that has been processed by the GST Processor. This mechanism works by comparing the changes being done to the document containing the tax transaction with its original version and assigning a severity level on each of the changes done. The highest severity level of all the changes done will then be the severity level assigned to the changed document. If the user making the changes have the correct access right level to save the changes, he or she will be allowed to save the changes done to the document. If the user does not have the access right level to do so, the changes will not be saved and the document will revert to its original condition. The level of severity that is assigned to changes are as follows; Low, Medium and High.

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