Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Final Release for Accounting (1.8.023) (Revision 149)

Final Release for Accounting (1.8.023) (Revision 149)

Note : The latest version installer file applicable download for the customer which is sign up for the yearly support maintenance contract only. None yearly support maintenance contract's customer will be charge as accordingly.
Kindly call (012-260 1655) or write an email to "" to request for the latest version.

Kindly write an email to or call 012-260 1655 for further enquiries

Enhance Your Accounting Software To Be GST Compliant
Your business will be audited from time to time by JKDM auditors to ensure compliance and you may be required to produce certain accounting information as part of the audit process.

If your current accounting software is able to generate operational and financial information, it can be further enhanced to generate a GST Audit File (GAF) report which is a key requirement for GST auditing. This enhancement can greatly be time – saving and hassle free due to minimum paper document submissions.

The recommendations to enhance your existing accounting software is made available in the ‘Guide to enhance your accounting software to be GST compliant’.

Notes : Please click on the title to download the guide(s).
Accounting Software Enhancement Towards GST Compliance (revised as at 20 July 2016)

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