Thursday, February 8, 2018

GST update announcement

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Kastam make announcement on 29/12/17 about GST Rules (Amendment), the major impact reflected on the changes of Form GST 03.
With effective from 1/1/2018, it's required to fill up "Total Value of Other Supply" in column 15. It's remain unclear about "Total Value of Other Supply" until Kastam announced "Guide of Accounting Software" on 5/2/18, which were 2 days ago.

In line with the changes, AutoCount has summarized the amendments (please refer to attached file) which provides a better and easier understanding on the latest changes. Meanwhile, please bear with us as AutoCount team is working on the software updates which we believe it will be released soon.

Till then, we will keep you informed for the software updates, it's FOC for our contract customer who signed up support plan.

关税局在2017年12月 29日,颁布了2017年消费税条规(修订),作出多项的修订。
从2018年1月1日起,消费税报表内的第15栏,需要填写 - “其他供应的总值” (Total Value Of Other Supply)。针对此次的修改,AutoCount 做了一个简报(请看附档)以方便用户们对此次的GST03修改一目了然,并在提报GST时按照最新要求呈现。
另外,AutoCount团队已着手软件update, 若已完成修改,我们将会及时通知您,凡是我们的 contract 客户将可免费获得最新软件update。

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