Tuesday, September 27, 2016

BEWAREll!! New ransomware? FILNAME.pdf.id-86BCB83D.{payfornature@india.com}.crypt

Beware the rise of ransomware

ransomware? FILNAME.pdf.id-86BCB83D.{payfornature@india.com}.cryptI

What does Ransomware do?
  • Prevent you from accessing Windows.
  • Encrypt files so you can't use them. (Microsoft word, excel, PDF, Autocount data, sql data, UBS data and so on 
  • Stop certain apps from running (like your web browser).
How to avoid your database encrypted by ransomware?
Always backup your data to :
  • Do Backup data everyday, you may backup to :
  • External Hard disk (plug off after backup)
  • Pendrive (plug off after backup)
  • upload your data to Dropbox, Google drive or etc.... ( logoff after you backup )

This is the place you can backup the database of this account book.
Frequent backup is a good practice, you may also go to Tools > Options > General - Application Settings to check the option of Always prompt Back Up when exit application .. so that the system will remind/offer you to backup before exit.
Alternatively, you may also make use of Scheduled Backup.


Backup Filename: the default backup file name will be <Company name> + backup at <date time>. However you may define your own file name.
Backup To: to execute backup.
Browse: you may run backup simultaneously to more than 1 place.

Click on Browse,
Click on Add to add the target path.. (you may add more than one place)


Click on OK..


There are altogether 3 row of backup maintenance for those users who wish to maintain the backup path to different devices.

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