Thursday, October 6, 2016

AutoCount Accounting Version 1.8.25 (158) Release Note

Bugs Fixed and Minor Enhancement

Among the newer bugs fixed and minor enhancement introduced in AutoCount Accounting version 1.8 are:
  1. Fix Bug: Fix a bug in Assembly Request Processing which generates Stock Assembly with an empty description.
  2. Fix Bug: Fix the code calling sequence of OnFormInquiry event in Monthly Sales Analysis and Monthly Purchase Analysis.
  3. Fix Bug: Fix a bug in Document Item Transaction Listing in which the Unit Price column is incorrect when the amount entered in the Invoice and Purchase Invoice is Inclusive GST.
  4. Enhancement: Support Audit Trail for Pos Price Plan.
  5. Fix Bug: Fix a bug in Debit Note Entry in which the Subtotal cannot display the default amount.
  6. Enhancement: Add Withholding Tax Function in Cash Book document.
  7. Enhancement: GST Tax Code changes to follow new guidelines.

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